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MARUKYU's main feature is that it is focused solely on catching fish. Each ingredient, even down to the size of the grains are carefully controlled. MARUKYU takes into account these changes when producing the baits and adjusts for them to ensure a consistent high level of quality. Maintaining the quality and specifications of the bait is very important for competitive anglers where even a slightest change can affect the outcome of a match.

Gluten Bread

The “gluten bread” used in Crucian Carp fishing is a crushed form of “baked glutens” that are used in food. There are considerable differences in diffusion, stickiness and feel of the bait depending on the hardness and size of crushed particles, which are determined by the degree of baking.
Gluten bread baits are the most frequently used for Crucian Carp fishing. The reason for this is when it diffuses in the water, it looks similar to a lot of plankton floating in the water, so Crucian Carp are visually attracted to it. As a result, it is said that this bait is effective for catching all fish who prey on plankton.
At MARUKYU CO.,LTD. (subsequently referred to as MARUKYU), we have over 30 kinds of gluten bread baits, and in order to enhance the features of each bait we use various characteristics of “gluten bread”. In order to attract even more fish, we also have many compound baits combining attractive ingredients such as “Silkworm chrysalis” and “fishmeal pellets”. Depending on the weather, water temperature, visibility and number of people fishing, the condition of the fish is always changing. We have a varied line-up of gluten baits to enable you to adapt to all conditions at any  particular time.
The quality of baits made from “baked gluten” can be completely different depending on subtle changes in the manufacturing process. The natural ingredient of “gluten” is always different according to its origin and harvesting period, however MARUKYU carefully plan its ingredients to ensure the stability of our products.


“Mash” is a dried form of flaky ground potato. This was the main form of bait used for Crucian Carp fishing before gluten bread baits appeared. The small particles in “Mash” create a white smokescreen in the water. This white smokescreen gives the appearance of plankton floating i

n the water and attracts fish as a result. Despite the popularity of gluten bread baits, this bait has lower attractiveness and thus smaller fish are less attracted to it. Due to its ability to predominantly attract only Crucian Carp, it is often used in natural fishing areas with a lot of smaller fish, or where larger fish are being targeted.
Although there is a range of quality of raw mash depending on its type and when it was made, MARUKYU carefully select and obtain the most appropriate raw mash for fishing baits. We also consistently provide the same quality bait by carefully checking its contents yearly and making small adjustments. The line-up of MARUKYU mash baits is varied, so you can use them according to any fishing condition.


Although baked “gluten” becomes “gluten bread”, “Vital wheat gluten” is a raw form of “gluten” that becomes like mesh in water, and has the benefit of staying on the hook for long periods of time. Gluten baits used in fishing are a blend of disintegrated “Vital wheat gluten” and “mashed potato”. Mash baits diffuse well in the water and attract fish by creating a white smokescreen, however this diffusion makes it difficult to develop a core and stay on the hook for long periods of time. The gluten fibres contained in ‘gluten’ baits keep the grains of the ‘mashed potato’ together underwater. As the mashed potato grains quickly diffuse in the water, only cotton-like fibres remain on the gape of the hook.
MARUKYU have a variety of gluten baits that use a range of thick, thin, strong and weak gluten fibres. As there is also a variety of flake sizes for the “mashed potato”, the characteristics of diffusion can vary according to the combination of “gluten fibres” and “mashed potato”.
Many people are surprised when they first make gluten baits and observe how it diffuses in the water. Although it is soft to touch at first, and expands and becomes even softer as it absorbs water, it still remains on the hook for longer. As it is easy to hook the fish when it inhales the bait and can stay on the hook for longer, gluten baits are used in a wide variety of fishing fields irrespective of the type of fish you are targeting.

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